The Unification of Italy

This map shows the difficult process of Italian national unification under the dynastic rule of the House of Savoy during the course of the 19th century. This originally francophone princely house was initially based in continental alpine Haute Savoy, but came in the course of the modern era to be based on its Piedmontese possessions in the Italian peninsular. Savoy and Nice were ceded to Napoleon III in return for military assistance against the Hapsburgs at Magenta and Solferino. Prior to the declaration of the Kingdom of Italy in 1860, the Piedmontese state was known as the Kingdom of Sardinia. Along with nationalist struggles in Poland and Greece, Italian nationalism was a focus of middle class liberal idealism, as well it might have been, given its socioeconomic objectives.

Map from Barbadoro `Ventisette Secoli di Storia Italiana' Le Monnier Firenze 1967