Italian Antifascist Exiles Toast Defiance to Political Oppression, Swanston Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

A momento of emigre` defiance to fascism, taken at the famous Talma & Co studio in Swanston Street Melbourne, either on Fantin's landing in 1924 or around the time of the foundation of the Matteotti Club in 1927.The subjects are, from the viewer's left to right, Emilio Marta, Francesco Carmagnola & Francesco Giovanni Fantin, all of San Vito de Leguzzano. Note the stands stabilising the heads for the long exposure times of the day. The legend reads `We toast all the oppressed and those who near or far proudly fight or suffer; sacred martyrs for the justice of tomorrow.' The text was camouflaged by layers of tissue paper in the copy sent to the Bortoloso family, to prevent detection in police night raids to which the family was subjected, and was not discovered until years after.