Wartime Fascist Salute, Loveday

This image, Australian War Memorial Negative No.64803, shows a graveside party giving the fascist salute at Loveday. This is however a problematic image in respect of the death of Fantin, because the open grave, particularly when account is taken for foreshortening, seems to be distant from the three grave markers seen from the rear in the foreground. A triangular grave marker inscribed to Fantin and flanked by two crosses appears in AWM Neg. No. 64817. If these two sets of three grave markers are one and the same, which seems likely but not certain, that on the viewer's left is the1941 grave of one G Gavioli, that on the right the 1942 grave of G Marina. While most internees were no more than mildly nationalistic, as much out of ethnic self esteem as politically, a hard core was fascist, and it was out of this matrix that the assassination of Fantin matured.