From Luigi Francesco in Australia to Family, Home in Italy

This Australian postcard portrait of Luigi Francesco Fantin dated 16/7/1923, prior to the arrival of Francesco Giovanni Fantin in Australia, demonstrates that both brothers answered to the name of Francesco within the family, both having been named for an admired person not otherwise identified. Both Australian and Italian security services were to be half foxed by this when they sought to keep the activities of FG Checco Fantin under surveillance. This problem is compounded by Professor Nursey-Bray, who whilst mocking the wartime Australian Security Service, falls into the same error, citing documents about LF Fantin as if they referred to FG Fantin, and ignoring the fact that just this factor of mistaken identity was primarily responsible for the internment of Checco, above and beyond ideological concerns.[See J.Historical Society SA No.17 1989]