Sir Edward Knox addressing Colonial Sugar Refining employees, Pyrmont works picnic Sydney 1894

Sir Edward was the first of three generations of Knoxes to head the sugar refining monopoly CSR in the century after 1850, leading it to a commanding position in the Australian and South Pacific sugar industries. As such the brothers Fantin were to labour under the sway of the Knoxes, a prospect that could not have been foreseen from San Vito de Leguzzano in 1901, the year of Francesco Fantin's birth and Australian federation. His son Sir Adrian Knox was Chief Justice of the High Court from 1919-30 had links with intelligence and conservative filofascist circles. The financier Robert Knox of the Collins House group of companies was a fascist sympathiser in Fantin's day.

Photo from the company history `South Pacific Enterprise' Angus & Robertson Sydney 1956