Pietro Tresso

Pietro Tresso was one of the outstanding figures of the Schio labour movement. Whilst still a young adolescent he organised a youth branch of the socialist party at Schio, named in honour of the the Comune of Paris, the suppression of which was still in living memory before the Great War. During the war his intellect was noted by the army, who promoted him to the rank of artilliery subaltern. One of the central figures on the postwar political and industrial scene, Tresso joined the Comunist Party when it was founded in 1921, and in exile in the Soviet Union rose to be an official of the Comintern before being accused of Trotskyism. It is believed that he was murdered by French Comunist Party agents after having made his escape from a prison bombed by the Allies.

Photo from Casciola & Sermasi `Vita di Blasco' Odeonlibri Vicenza 1985