General Guglielmo Pecori Giraldi, Commandant I Army

General Pecori Giraldi, a Florentine aristocrat, pictured here after the war in his uniform as a Field Marshal of Italy, supervised the trial of 29 soldiers of the mutinous 8th Infantry Regiment, which rebelled at Fantin's home town of San Vito de Leguzzano early in August 1917, discharging their weapons in the air and demanding peace. The trial was the largest single Italian military legal arraignment of the war for number of defendents.[The trial of 42 defendents for pacifist propaganda in support of the socialist Zimmerwald Manifesto by the XXIV Army Corp at Pradamano in the Province of Udine in August 1917 was broken down into two arraignments of 19 & 23 defendents] Seven soldier's were executed. Pecori Giraldi callously told his cook to make the meal to be cooked for him after the trial a good one, otherwise the cook would be the eighth man shot.

On the eve of the fascist March on Rome in October 1922, General Pecori Giraldi waited upon King Vittorio Emmanuele III together with Field Marshal Diaz, Cadorna's successor. Asked by the King `What will the Army do?' Diaz replied `Majesty, the army will do its duty, however it would be well not to put it to the test'. Pecori Giraldi supported his remarks. The King followed their advice, refusing to declare a State of Emergency and appointing Mussolini to form a ministry.

Photo from `Guglielmo Pecori Giraldi Maresciallo d'Italia: L'Archivio' Comune Vicenza 1990