Andrea Graziani

General Andrea Graziani was the harshest disciplinarian of the Cadorna school. Thirty-four soldiers were executed for indiscipline by his orders during the Great War, including eight from a Czech regiment he had personally raised, and one on the retreat from Caporetto for saluting with a pipe in his mouth in an incident near Schio which Graziani boasted after the war `took all of four or five minutes.' In late 1916 he was responsible for the execution of two artillerymen at Magre di Schio near Fantin's village of San Vito. Two civilians who dined with the soldiers who had disobeyed an order to return to their tents later emigrated to Australia. When the 8th Foot mutinied at San Vito in August 1917 and seven soldiers were executed, Graziani was thought by the villagers to have been involved, such was his fearsome reputation.

Photo from Pieropan `1916: Le montagne scottano'